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EvreBot 7.6
Evrebot for Tibia 7.6
by Evremonde
February 12th, 2006

Insert        - Sudden Death target
Home        - Shoot custom rune at target
Page Up        - Magic Wall in front of target
Delete        - Ultimate Healing self
End        - Light hack on/off
Page Down    - Manafluid self
Pause        - Reload ammo

Chat commands:
/status        - Show bot status

/hotkeys    - Hotkeys on/off

/light        - Light hack on/off

/click        - Click hack on/off

/reveal        - Reveal names on/off

/dance        - Dance on/off

/experience    - Show experience needed to level up

/outfit demon    - Set outfit to demon (evrebot.xml)

/ammo        - Reload ammo

/manafluid    - Drink mana fluid

/loot        - Auto-loot on/off (evrebot.xml)
/stack        - Auto-stack on/off (evrebot.xml)
/eat        - Auto-eat on/off (evrebot.xml)

/uh        - Auto-UH on/off
/uh 75        - Auto-UH at 75% health

/heal        - Auto-heal on/off
/heal 50    - Auto-heal at 50% health
Auto-heal works with auto-spell and
uses the exura line of spells!

/shoot        - Always shoot target on/off (*Note: Shoots the custom rune)

/target        - Keep target on/off (*Note: "Target lost.")

/spell            - Auto-spell casting on/off
/spell 30 exevo pan    - Add spell to spells list
/spell 40 exevo pan    - Update mana cost for spell
/spell remove exevo pan - Remove spell from spells list
/spell show        - Show spells list
/spell clear        - Clear spells list
The following spells will only cast if needed:
utamo vita, utani hur, utani gran hur, exana pox, exura, exura gran, exura vita

/id        - Show the ID of the last thing you looked at

/set uh        - Set the UH rune to be the last rune you looked at
/set sd        - Set the SD rune to be the last rune you looked at
/set default    - Set the UH and SD runes back to default
/set custom    - Set the custom rune to be the last rune you looked at

/custom        - Shoot the custom rune at target

/magicwall    - Set the custom rune

Define an item->    item:3031:money_gold
Define an item->    item:3588:food_blueberry
Loot an item->        loot:money_gold
Stack an item->        stack:money_gold
Eat an item->        eat:food_blueberry
Define an outfit->    outfit:35:demon
Look at something in-game and use /id to find out it's number!
Contributer:Admin Steve
ProtocolTibia 7.6
Date:22/01/2011 02:43
Dimension:236.00 Kb
Viewed:31033 times
Downloaded:9400 times
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