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Welcome to TibiaCheats.com
Tibia Cheats has all of the best free tools, waypoints/scripts, and guides to assist you in Tibia. Join the community and discover the underground side of Tibia!

A few tips...

-Using Tibia MC to run multiple clients and then a free bot like TUG Bot to control them while you do other things is a great way to farm gold and make runes for your main character.

-Training AFK using a bot or macro with alerts on there is no worrying about getting disconnected or getting killed by another player.

-Auto casting spells and displaying your enemies in the same color outfit are just a couple of the great features in war bots that makes battles less wasteful.

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Allows you to run multiple Tibia clients.

Remembers the IP, client protocol, and port of servers that you have connected to before.

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